Presented by Tom Everson, MRE

Treat yourself. Turn off the phone. Put the computer to sleep. Disconnect the cable. Take time out to refresh, refocus, rejuvenate, and re-envision what family life is all about.

Parenting children of any age can sound a note of challenge when facing the mystery of the years ahead – developing social skills, chores, academic success, activities, friends, dating, hopes for the future, change in a fast-paced world, family time, faith and morality. Any of these concerns can drain us as we seek ways to slow down and focus on what is most important in our relationship with our children.

PARENTING AT THE SPEED OF LIFE is grounded in solid research and common sense. The presentation focuses on affirming and nurturing your family’s strengths. Along the way, you will discover:

 A framework of 8 supports to promote healthy growth for your family as you journey through the childhood and teen years.

 3 Keys to healthy family development.

 5 Critical Moments to connect and communicate each day

Take time to invest in yourself and your family as you discover the blessings - past, present, and future - as you share your family journey with your children.

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*This workshop can be tailored for parents of pre-school, grade school , and teen-age children. PARENTING AT THE SPEED OF LIFE can be offered as a 1 and 1/2 hour presentation or a 3-5 hour workshop.